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AdSense is an extension of the AdWords program that allows any website owner

to place AdWords ads on their site.  However, the difference in this system lies in
the fact that the ads displayed come not from search phrases, but from the
content of your site.
As an AdSense user, Google gives you a piece of JavaScript that has your unique
id embedded within it.  This enables them to track the performance of the ads
on your site.  You simply paste this code into the html of your website.
Then, when someone views your site, the JavaScript automatically fetches ads
from the Google server and places them on your page.  Google does this with its
advanced content recognition technology.  This technology is so clever, that it
knows which country you are viewing a site from.  It then places country specific
ads accordingly.  For example, if you had a site about fly-fishing, people viewing
your site in Australia would see ads for Australian fishing tackle retailers, and in
the USA people would see ads for American retailers.
When someone clicks on one of your ads, Google charges the advertiser.  Google
then takes a cut of the money and gives the rest to you.  Although Google won’t
disclose any details about their payout ratio, it is rumored that they take 32%
and you get 68%.
Before you start thinking: why don’t I just click on my ads all day long and make
loads of money?  Google has thought of this and takes click fraud very seriously.
They want their advertising system to work.  They can tell if you have been
committing click fraud and will bar you from AdSense FOR EVER!
Making serious money
99% of AdSense users make next to nothing.  They stick the code onto their
website and sit back.  When the money doesn’t appear they think the system is
useless.  This is good for us, because those in the know can make extraordinary
amounts of legitimate, Google approved money.
There is a simple formula to success with AdSense.  Here it is:
The key lies in finding a niche market and creating a content rich, topical
site within this market.  You then fill the content of your site with high
paying keywords.

Next, through good search engine optimization and advanced inbound
linking strategies, you build a high and constant flow of traffic to your site.

Then, only after you have taken steps one and two, do you place the
AdSense code into your site.  You add the JavaScript whilst employing
certain techniques that make the ads look more attractive.  This will
encourage more of your website’s visitors to click on the ads.
This strategy, coupled with careful tracking of ad performance, will guarantee
that you are making serious amounts of money with Google AdSense.
If you want to be amongst the 1% of high earners
make sure that you follow The AdSense Mint course
What is a niche market?
A niche market is simply a group with similar interests and needs.  Niche
marketing can be compared to fishing in a small pond that is full of starving fish,
whilst using bait that they all love.
Mass marketing on the other hand can be compared to fishing in a huge lake
that is filled with overfed fish.  The fisherman hopes for the best, and uses one
type of bait that only some of the fish like.
Why consider niche marketing?
There is no point in targeting a mass market if you are starting out with an
online venture - particularly if you are going to be using AdSense as your main
revenue stream.  Targeting a mass market requires enormous advertising
budgets that are only the luxury of larger corporations.
 Finding a profitable niche
Take a look at this excellent high paying keyword list:
See if there are any topics that you know about or at least find interesting.  You
will find it much easier to create a quality site if you are already knowledgeable
on or enjoy the subject matter.
Good content is the key to a high search engine ranking.
I will now find a profitable niche market from a keyword of my choice.  This will
make it easier for you to follow the process step by step and repeat it with your
own keywords.
Looking through the keyword list I see that “drug rehab” can cost the AdWords
advertiser up to $12.50 per click.
Some keywords can pay out as much as $60.00 per click!
The next thing we must do is find out what kinds of ads are likely to be displayed
based on our choice of keyword.  This will also allow us to gain a clearer picture
of how much advertisers are willing to pay to have these individual ads
We do this with a useful tool on the Overture website.  Overture is an advertising
program that is similar to AdWords.  We have to use Overture because Google
are notoriously tight lipped about how much their AdWords advertisers bid for
Although the bid prices for Overture advertisers will vary from those of AdWords
advertisers, it will still give us a decent approximation of the kind of money we
can expect to receive when displaying ads on our niche site.
The Overture Bid Tool can be found at this address:

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