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Google Adsense Profit

 part 4

Finding the competition
Before we begin the process of actually creating our niche site, it is essential to
find out which websites have the highest rankings for our chosen keywords.
If we go to Google and search for the second keyword that we chose: “cocaine
addiction symptoms”:

We can see that the site at the top of our list is
.  This result is great for us because it
isn’t a main domain name like
; it’s a sub page.
If we were to create a domain name that included some of our main keywords
, we would stand a great chance of
stealing the top listing.
Google PageRank
PageRank is Google’s way of evaluating the importance of a website.  The
importance of a website is determined by how many other sites are linked to it.
In order to see your own PageRank, as well as others, you must have the Google
Toolbar installed on your computer.  You can download it for free at:
If you look at the Google toolbar in this picture of the top ranking website, you
will notice that the website only has a PageRank of 2/10.
We should be able to get a PageRank of about 5 or 6; easily outdoing this
PageRank 2 site.  We will achieve this by adopting a carefully planned linking
strategy which we will cover later on in this course.
Source code and the onpage optimization factors used by our
Viewing the source code of our competitor’s website allows us to take a look at
the guts of their site.
We view the source code of a website by clicking “View”, then “Source” within
our browser as shown below:
This will open up a text file in your basic word processing program.
While viewing the source code of our competition’s website we will want to find

Whether or not they are using our keywords in the

tags of their
website.  In this case they are.  They are using; “
Cocaine Addiction
and Treatment”.
Whether or not they are using

header tags and are placing our key
phrase “cocaine addiction symptoms” within those tags.  In this case they
aren’t even using

tags at all.

Whether or not they have
, underlined or
the phrase
“cocaine addiction symptoms” within the main body of their website.  In
this case they haven’t.  Their entire text is in bold and therefore fails to
meet this optimization strategy.

Whether or not they are using

image tags and placing the phrase
“cocaine addiction symptoms” within those tags.  Although they have used
the tags, they have failed to include our key phrase.

Whether or not they have placed our phrase once at the very beginning of
their copy and once at the very end of their copy.  Again, they have failed
to do so.
Where does this assessment of the competition leave us?
Assessing the competition tells us how well and how badly they have optimized
their site for search engine compatibility.  We can use this knowledge to our
advantage; by copying the optimization factors that they’ve done well in, and, by
adding to our site those optimization factors that they’ve failed to consider.
We now know it’ll be easy for us to out optimize this competitor due to the
following things we learned whilst analyzing their website:

The website is ranked with a sub page.  By including our main keywords
in our domain name we will be able to outperform them.

The website has a low PageRank of 2.  I will show you how to beat this
later on in the course.

The website does not even use the

header tags let alone include
our phrase “cocaine addiction symptoms” within them.  We of course will.

The website does not include our phrase in the

image tags.  We
will label all of our images appropriately.

The website doesn’t place our phrase at the beginning or at the end of the
You will have to repeat this process of competition assessment with the following
four highest ranking websites that are related to your key phrase.  Then, you will
have to analyze the five top ranking sites for your other two key phrases.
Also, if most of the five top ranking websites for your specific keywords have a
Google PageRank of 6 or more, it’s probably not best to utilize that keyword until
you have gathered momentum with some easier keywords which offer less
Choosing our domain name
As I mentioned earlier, it is important to choose a domain name for our site that
includes our main keywords.
Obviously it would be ridiculous if we called our site:
This would be far too long winded.  Something like:
would be ideal.
Although this only contains the keywords from the first key phrase that we
chose, it is always best to go with the most searched for of our phrases.
I highly recommend using the domain name registration service called Dot Easy.
You can find their site:
Like their name suggests, they’re an extremely easy company to work with.
They also offer totally free hosting without any ads!
More importantly, Google likes their server, and will be far more likely to accept
your AdSense application.  So, you should definitely sign up with them.
The first stage of onpage optimization
Remember that these optimization techniques will have to be applied to all of the
pages on your site, not just the index page.

The first thing we need to do is select a page title for our website.
It should
include our main keywords.
Google will add more weight to each of your keywords if you cut down the
For example, we would be making a serious mistake if our title looked like this:
Welcome to our brand new website on the effects of cocaine addiction
and blah blah blah!
It should not even look like this, which does contain all of the correct keywords,
but contains an unnecessary number of words:

Cocaine addiction and solutions and cocaine addiction symptoms and
cocaine effects.
Some of these words are only padding out the title, e.g. the “ands”.  We want to
strip out all of these irrelevant words.  The perfect title would be something like:

Cocaine effects | Cocaine addiction symptoms | Cocaine addiction
It is a good idea to replace all of the “ands” with the “|” character.

Next, we need to add the

header tags and place our most important  key
phrase there.

header tag should be as far to the top of the page as possible.  When
Google reads a website, it views the text from the top left hand side of the page
to the bottom right hand side of the page.  So, it’s best to place your

header tag on the top left hand or top middle portion of the page.  It is best to
think of the

header tag as a title for whatever content you have on that
The html of our

header tag on our hypothetical page might look like this:

Cocaine addiction and solutions

If you can, it is best to place your main key phrase on is own within the

header tags.

Next, we’ll need to create the

header tag.  This can be thought of as a sub
heading for our website.  We should place our next most important key phrase in

header tag.  The

header tag should also be placed near the top
of the site.  Obviously it has to come after the

header tags.
 The ideal

header tag for our site would look like this in html:

cocaine addiction symptoms

Optimizing the base of the page
Search engines also like to look for keywords at the foot of a site. A sneaky way
of doing this is to include your main key phrase in your copyright tag
This is best placed at the bottom right of the page.
A good example for our site would be:
© 2005 copyright
cocaine addiction solutions
You will notice that this flows quite nicely and doesn’t look out of place.

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