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google adsense

 part 3

for free with the web-based Keyword Suggestion Tool at:
This is one of many excellent webmaster tools that you can find on the Digital
Point website.
Using the Keyword Suggestion Tool, we enter our chosen keyword into the
phrase box then click “Suggest”.
We are presented with the following list:
You will notice that the phrase “drug rehab” is searched for at an average of 693
times per day according to Wordtracker and 9,092.8 times per day according to
Overture.  The reason that the results differ so much is that Overture’s data is
based on more search results.  An average rule of thumb is that you multiply
these results by 8 to find an approximation of how many times your phrase is
being searched for on Google per day.
We want to find out the results for Google searches because it is the leading
search engine, and we will be optimizing our website for a high Google ranking.

This means that the phrase “drug rehab” is being searched for on Google
anywhere between 5,544 and 72,742 times daily.  Although there is a huge
discrepancy in these figures, the point is that our phrase is being searched for a
hell of a lot.
If we then turn our browser towards Google and type in “drug rehab”:
We will see that there are 1,340,000 websites related to our phrase.  Clearly, at
this stage there is no chance of obtaining a high ranking with Google as the
competition is too fierce.  What we want to do is think laterally and target some
phrases that are related to “drug rehab” but have less competition.  Let’s try the
phrase “cocaine addiction”.
There are an average of (8 times 178) 1,424 queries per day for the phrase
“cocaine addiction” on Google.  Again, this competition is a bit too steep for us.
So I think it would be best to target a phrase like “cocaine addiction and
solutions” which has about 320 queries per day on Google.

When we plug our phrase into Google we can see that there are 417,000 pages
relating to it.  Compared to the 1,340,000 related sites to the phrase “drug
rehab”, the phrase “cocaine addictions and solutions” puts us in a much stronger
position for a top ranking.
What is the profitability of our new niche?
The next thing we must do is find out how much potential money can be made
from our new niche market.
To do this we will use another tool from the Digital Point website.  It is called the
Google Adsense Sandbox Tool and you can find it at:
What this tool does is enable us to see what sort of AdSense ads will be
displayed on our niche site based on our choice of keywords.
Type in your chosen keyword/keywords and then click “Display Ads”.
 The Sandbox shows us twenty possible ads that could be displayed on our site
based around the phrase “cocaine addiction solutions”.
If we now look back at the Overture Bid Tool results for our original phrase “drug
rehab”, we can see that several of our Sandbox results are present:
- Advertiser's Max Bid: $12.24
- Advertiser's Max Bid: $12.22
- Advertiser's Max Bid: $6.20
- Advertiser's Max Bid: $1.14
This is good news.  We now know that several high paying “drug rehab” ads will
appear on our new niche site.
When you come to creating your own sites, remember that the key to success
lies in finding and becoming the leader of a specialized niche market whilst
retaining the AdSense ads of a broader more competitive market.
Although the ads displayed on our site will vary over time and will also be
different depending on what country someone views our site from, Google will
always try and display the highest paying ads.
Repeat this process and find two more key phrases
In total, you will want to find about three good key phrases for your niche site.
I found some other related phrases using the Keyword Suggestion Tool then
tested them with the Google Adsense Sandbox Tool.  These new phrases also
proved to be very profitable.
Now our three main key phrases are:
Cocaine addiction and solutions
Cocaine addiction symptoms
Cocaine effects
How much could we really make with these keywords?
With the onpage optimization tips that I’ll show you later, I can safely say that it
would be possible to get ranked at the top of Google for these particular
Therefore, we would be getting about 90 hits a day from the search engines
 With a click through ratio on our ads of about 5% (a very conservative estimate)
and the best ads paying out at $13.00 we could easily be making around $65 per
And this is before I’ve even shown you how to blast your traffic through the roof
and optimize your ads!
With the methods that I’ll teach you in this course, you could be making
hundreds of dollars a day on just the one site!
Final Thoughts
Play around with the Keyword Suggestion Tool and the Google Adsense Sandbox
Tool until you strike a balance with your niche.  Don’t be too general and don’t
be too specific otherwise you won’t get anyone coming to your site.
Repeat the niche finding process from part one as many times as you want, but
remember to do it with different keyword topics.  Google has introduced a new
system to its AdSense program called intelligent pricing which is designed to stop
its users creating duplicate sites.  They can now recognize the content of
different sites under the same account, and if the content is the same, the
money you earn will be diluted.  Therefore, if you made two sites about “cocaine
addiction solutions” you would receive half the amount of money from each site.
This means that you should only create one site per keyword topic.

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