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The 60-Second Commute

The 60-Second Commute: 
A Guide to Your 24/7 Home Office Life

The 60-Second Commute: A Guide to Your 24/7 Home Office Life

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The 60-Second Commute: A Guide to Your 24/7 Home Office Life
Publisher: FT Press 2003 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 013130321X | PDF | 12 MB

"For Americans who want to create a 'no spin' lifestyle of self-reliance and independence, The 60-Second Commute provides the pathway. If time is money, you'll be taking this book to the bank."Bill O'Reilly, The O'Reilly Factor
Working at home can help you build a life of deeper personal satisfaction, stronger connections with family and friends, and greater financial independence. But for the unprepared, there are pitfalls at every turn. When your home is the office, how do you balance your work life and your personal life? How do you keep everyone happy-your kids, your customers, the IRS, and most of all, yourself? One book will show you how: The 60-Second Commute.

Erica Orloff and Kathy Levinson offer practical tips and realistic answers for childcare, family life, health insurance, time management, organization, marketing, technology, budgeting, vacations, incorporation... you name it. Whether you work at home full time, or just a few hours a week-or you're just thinking about it—The 60-Second Commute will make your home office experience more successful in every way.
* Home life, work life: getting the best of both Getting your work done—and making room for the rest of your life
* Child care: finding what's right for you and your child Babysitters, daycare, au pairs? Getting childcare help that gives you peace of mind
* Organizing yourself for success A step-by-step guide to organization without pain
* Practical professionalism: maximizing your credibility and your value Looking "bigger" than you really are—so you can charge the prices you deserve
* Marketing your home office-based business Powerful, low-cost techniques for reaching your best customers
* Telecommuting: Getting the best of both worlds "Selling" telecommuting to your boss—and making it work for your career
* Hanging in when the going gets tough Practical strategies for recharging your batteries and revitalizing your home business
The practical guide to work-at-home success!
Balancing work and family life: great tips, real solutions
Setting up a home office you'll love to work in
Choosing the right equipment: computers, phones, fast Internet connections, and more
The 24/7 lifestyle: Time management in the home office
Organizing yourself for maximum efficiency
Insurance, budgets, taxes, and the law
Includes quick quiz: is working at home right for you?
More than 60,000,000 people already work at home at least some of the time, and millions more wish they did. Now, there's a start-to-finish sourcebook for everyone with a home office—or a dream!
The 60-Second Commute shows how to overcome every challenge associated with working at home, from choosing the right technology to balancing your work and personal life. Erica Orloff and Dr. Kathy Levinson systematically review meat-and-potatoes issues like insurance and taxation, deciding whether to incorporate, and setting up a comfortable and productive home office.
Equally important, they offer extensive practical advice on the personal side of working at home—from avoiding isolation to setting house "rules" that help you get the job done without disregarding the people you love.

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