Friday, July 17, 2009

Dracula Twins

Dracula Twins

Dracula Twins (PC/2010)
Release: 2010 | PC | Developer: Legendo Entertainment | 813 MB
Genre: Arcade

In the heart of mysterious Transylvania, respectable family Drakul lived-lived in the ancient patrimonial lock, without suspecting that against them mad doctor Lajflast spins intrigues. Blood of Drakuly - a necessary component of the Elixir of the Eternal Life. For this reason Lajflast has grasped the aged count in hostages.


Features of game:
? 2 game characters: Fights and Drakana
? Magic: magic rubies allow to use powerful spells
? Secrets and traps: more than 40 various counters, special abilities, bonuses and surprises

The minimum System requirements:
System: Windows? 2000/XP/Vista
The processor: Processor 1 GHz
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Video card: 16 MB
Audiocard: DirectX Compatible Soundcard
Hard disk: 900 MB

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