Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Nikon Capture NX 2.2.4


Digital-image processing and editing software.
Nikon Capture NX is a very useful, full-scale digital-image processing and editing software application for digital photographers, descended from Nikon Capture.
· Turn off all virus-scanning software and exit Capture NX and all other applications that may be running before proceeding
with this update.
· When updating Capture NX, the installer will verify ownership of the earlier version. Therefore, you may be requested to enter the product key for the original version.
· You must have Administrator authority to operate this installer.
· Be sure to read the section "Content Description" describing changes and fixes included with this update and the system requirements before proceeding.
Here are some key features of "Nikon Capture NX":
· Powerful U PointTM technology powered Color Control Points that enable the user to directly enhance the image selectively, without the use of masks, layers, or selections.
· Continued ability to apply every tool non-destructively (Requires the user to save their image with NEF. Original file can be JPEG, TIFF, or NEF). Selective tools such as the Selection Brush and Selection Gradient that can be used to selectively apply any of the enhancements.
· 25 new tools and enhancements, ranging from the Black, White, and Neutral Control Point tools that enable the user to remove color casts and set their image's dynamic range, to the Distortion Correction enhancement that enables the user to reduce barrel and pincushion type distortions in their images.
· A highly-featured browser.
· PowerPC G4 or G5, Intel-based Macintosh (Intel Core Solo, Intel Core Duo, Intel Core2 Duo, Intel Xenon), 1 GB RAM or more is recommended.
What's New in This Release:
· Compatibility with Mac OS X version 10.6.2 has been added.
· Specifications have been modified so that when 25 Photos on Page, or a higher number of photos per page, is selected for Select Layout in the Print layout dialog, the Use Thumbnail Data (Draft Use Only) box is automatically checked.
· This resolves an issue that prevented printing when 25 Photos on Page, or a higher number of photos per page, was selected for Select Layout.
· Capture NX 2 would quit unexpectedly when certain settings files were applied with the Apply Settings box checked in the Watched Folder panel of the Batch Process dialog. This issue has been resolved.
· An issue that caused Capture NX 2 to freeze when switching images after the Color Picker had been opened has been resolved.



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