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  • Verb Classification | Quiz
    helping verbs: primary/modal
    main verbs: transitive/intransitive, linking, dynamic/stative, regular/irregular
Verb Forms | Quiz
to sing, sing, sings, sang, sung, singing
I sing, I am singing, I have sung, I have been singing, I sang, I was singing
Phrasal Verbs | Quiz
put out, look after, get on with
Conditionals | Quiz
if I win, if I won, if I had won
Modal Verbs
can, shall, must...
Gerunds (-ing) | Quiz
fishing is fun, I hate working
Questions | Quiz
Do you like me?, Why do you like me?, Do you like me or him?
Tag Questions | Quiz
You like me, don't you?
Subjunctive | Quiz
She insists that he come
Active Voice, Passive Voice | Quiz
Cats eat mice, Mice are eaten by cats
Infinitive or -ing? | Quiz
I like to do, I like doing
Plural Verbs with Singular Subjects
the company do, the company does
Used to do / Be used to | Quiz
I used to do it, I am not used to it
Going to
I am going to do it
Future Time | Quiz
I will do it, I am going to do it, I am doing it, I do it
For & Since for Time | Quiz
for two days, since 1st April

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